Our team understands that non-profit organizations face unique challenges and we're prepared to help you meet them. Not only can we help you develop or adjust your financial strategies to get maximum value from what can sometimes be limited resources, we can also help you communicate clearly with donors and potential donors about how their money is being used.

As a preferred service provider for the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands, a collaboration of over 150 nonprofit agencies, our team will work hard to understand your organization's mission and goals. We'll then help you develop a customized approach that will maximize and protect your resources.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

  • Audits and reporting requirements
  • Fund accounting
  • Nonprofit tax and related reporting issues
  • Needs analysis and regulatory filings
  • Budget and cash flow projections
  • Audits of employee benefit and retirement plans
  • Grant administration and compliance
  • Assistance and evaluation of public charity accountability standards
  • Preparation of tax-exempt bond financing compliance documentation
  • Monitoring of changing standards affecting nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit Association of the Midlands